Current Work Available To Purchase

Nibiru – AVAILABLE €186 100×100 cm. Acrylic paint on canvas.
Embryo – AVAILABLE €186 100×100 cm. Acrylic paint on canvas.
INITIATION_Je-Vous-Invite (1)
Je Vous Invite – AVAILABLE €150.60 This painting means ‘I invite you’ to my childhood. As a child dinosaurs were absolutely fascinating, and my brother and I were obsessed with them. We used to have numerous dinosaur drawing books, which we used to colour in furiously. I had the empty canvas lying there for quite some time, with the idea fixed in my head. I used to visit the canvas daily, but I was always scared to start. One day I went towards it and blew up on it. This approach is something I still use to this day. I then stencilled out the dinosaur and painted it on.
Chien Vert Fou De Rage En Arbre Mort Brule
Chien Vert Fou De Rage En Arbre Mort Brule – AVAILABLE €585.60  I wanted to paint a hammerhead shark. I had done a number of study drawings to see which posture and position would work best.
Anubis – AVAILABLE €138 60×80 cm. Acrylic paint, charcoal and oil paint on canvas.
Seraphine Tree
Seraphine Tree – AVAILABLE €184.20 I was very unhappy with the way I was painting the tree so I used a piece of cardboard to scrape off the paint, and suddenly it looked perfect and there was a lion in the tree. This is a rather violent scene with severed hands and legs. To me it seems as though this is the aftermath of a brutal scene. Time has passed and beauty starts to emerge. A pale purple and blue sky. The floor is covered in blood like roots. There is a yellow horse with constellation eyes. I keep putting the Orion’s Belt stars in many of my paintings – it’s the constellation I used to see from my bed as I was growing up. There is a fish crawling out of the blood lake – sort of evolving – the idea is to have many elements in conversation with one another, a stylistic story. I would consider this piece to be quite a triumph in terms of really standing out when compared to my other works. And it is a painting I keep thinking about these days to see how can take the concept further. I was using another small piece of cardboard as a palette for blue paint on another painting, and I noticed that there was a sort of wolf head on there so I painted it bigger and integrated it as a central element to the work. This is a very refreshing piece. It depicts multiple elements which together form a strange setting. 130×95 cm. Acrylic paint, cardboard, charcoal, oil bar, oil paint and spray paint on cloth.
The Chemistry Of Bird Watching
The Chemistry of Bird Watching – AVAILABLE €327.60 I painted this during my time in Canterbury. This is the first painting which I rotated to build forms, a practice which I still implement to this day (over five years later). Another large piece. I am constantly seeking to evolve the work and change my approach. This keeps the work exciting for me and dynamic. It’s always about a balance though, there are things I want to explore in a style so I continue to develop it and there are things which shed off almost immediately. In this case it was the first time I ever rotated the canvas to collapse older forms in pursuit of new forms. It’s a cacophony of birds in any way you rotate the canvas. My schizophrenic artist friend, Luke Bloodezi, unless he changed his name yet again, gave me the wonderful name of Chemistry of Birdwatching which i feel really effectively depicts the scene. 150×150 cm. Acrylic paint, charcoal, grass, oil paint and spray paint on bedsheet.
Purgatory Before Birth
Purgatory Before Birth – AVAILABLE €150.60 This painting depicts a sort of cosmic womb. I had a dream when I was young that I was in purgatory before I decided… before it was my turn to be born. It was a place with lots of impressions of people of all ages awaiting their turn to enter a physical form. It’s a strange mix of creationism and Catholicism. We are in some form of cosmic womb. At the top of the painting in the middle is some form of bird character – maybe the birdman. There is a great deal of white circles at the bottom left which is where the ovules are created – cyclical time – in a sense of production line which then goes to the top right part – where it indicates where I passed from. This painting is some sort of cosmic womb. There is a person lodged inside. S/he is white with a golden head which is not yet fully formed – the character is somewhat skinny – I’m not too sure why. Then on the right side of the painting there are symbols of life and death – the egg and the word mathematics – which to me is a question of there being a ‘cosmic formula’, a pattern or process… a meaning, a structure to how and why this works. There is a snake on the other end of the womb – on the other ovary, which is very odd now that I see it. A sort of premonition aspect to the painting. 100×100 cm. Acrylic paint, charcoal and oil paint on cloth.
Venus – AVAILABLE €416.10 250×115 cm. Acrylic paint, cardboard, charcoal, oil bar, oil paint and paper on bedsheet.
Annunaki – AVAILABLE €157.50 70×120 cm. Acrylic paint and oil paint on wood.
Akhenaton – AVAILABLE €97.50 A large Egyptian head stands proudly in the centre of the painting. In my work I am always looking to evolve and move forward, much like Akhenaton during his time as a pharaoh in Egypt when he tried to shift his people from the traditional religions (in my case methods, media and personal growth) and found it to be a struggle. 59×83 cm. Acrylic paint and marker on canvas.
Copulation – AVAILABLE €150.30 85×100 cm. Acrylic paint, marker and oil paint on canvas.
Facing Death
Facing Death – AVAILABLE €108 Facing Death is one of my most powerful and striking images to date. It packs an incredible punch and still resonates with me to this day. This image is death. I painted her during a very tough period – an amalgamation of three difficult experiences possessed me while painting this. Contrary to my typical approach, the creation of this image was much more intense and violent. Death, be it physical or a metaphor for change, is inevitable and present in our daily lives. This painting has helped me be more accepting of it. 75×75 cm. Acrylic paint and oil paint on canvas.
Juggling Narwhal
Juggling Narwhal – AVAILABLE €78 A reclined narwhal. It is very muscular or maybe obese – it tosses a blue man, who may be see on the top right, against a dark red sky. The narwhal seems to be rather amused, his posture is relaxed while the man is full of kinetic energy – I am not sure if the narwhal is laughing or about to eat the man. Maybe both, possibly neither. There was a brief era where I painted on patterned cloth. In places where the paint wasn’t covering it, the pattern would be coming through. This was an effective tool I used. 60×65 cm. Acrylic paint and oil paint on bedsheet.
Curiosity – AVAILABLE €159.30 85×105 cm. Acrylic paint and oil paint on canvas.
Elephant – AVAILABLE €430.20 170×140 cm. Acrylic paint, chalk pastel, charcoal, marker, oil paint and spray paint on cloth.
Re – AVAILABLE €93.90 One of the simplest paintings I have ever made. ‘Re’ meaning King in Maltese. The king of birds. It was so effortless to make this one, it just flowed from start to end. This is a very rare experience, it feels as though this is what people mean when they say inspiration. It feels like I don’t even need to think – and it just happens by itself. What I’m really happy about here is that it is simple and elegant – it’s not overworked (which is often something that happens to my work). It is sublimely harmonious. 55×88 cm. Acrylic paint and oil paint on cloth.
Tribal Golliwog
Tribal Golliwog – AVAILABLE €129.30 One of the more outrageous paintings I’ve ever made. It still remains an anomaly for me. 80×85 cm. Acrylic paint and oil paint on canvas.
Sunfish in Kimono
Sunfish in Kimono – AVAILABLE €175.20 I have made two characters in kimonos – Lizardman in kimono and sunfish in kimono. I am not sure who these kimono characters are. 78×120 cm. Acrylic paint, oil paint and spray paint on canvas.
Realising I Was a Bird
Realising I Was a Bird – AVAILABLE €111.60 75×78 cm. Acrylic paint and oil paint on bedsheet.
Remnants – AVAILABLE €84.90 One of the last paintings I made during my one year stay in Bristol. The colour palette turned from explosive hues to dark tones and the form resembles a dying knotted creature, which is not too far away from how I felt at the time. It is very knotted and the lines always lead back into the centre of the canvas. Many eyes stare outwards and across the image. Bones and faces, only the skeleton remains, which may reflect the burnout I felt at the time. It is not necessarily a ‘dark’ or horrific image, rather, it’s simply an outlook I had. I am continually taken aback as to how my internal experience is echoed tangibly on the canvas. 56×76 cm. Acrylic paint on paper.
Mother – AVAILABLE €155.70 Many of my paintings are inspired by ayahuasca. Shamans talk of the snake goddess when they consume this ‘medicine’. The snake goddess has two strong and essential motherly characteristics: a balance of strength and nurturing qualities. She knows when she has to discipline you and she also knows when she must appease and nurture you. Here she is: vicious in her gaze and mouth agape, yet nurturing with her multiple breasts. She has many children who seem to swim on the green surface. 75×109 cm. Acrylic paint and oil paint on wood.
Finger Puppet
Finger Puppet – AVAILABLE €352.20 200×95 cm. Acrylic paint and oil paint on cloth.
Siamese Triplet Alien
Siamese Triplet Alien – AVAILABLE €108 80×90 cm. Acrylic on canvas.
Eagle – AVAILABLE €221.40 100×120 cm. Acrylic paint on canvas.
Māui – AVAILABLE €104.40 This painting started off as a bird.It’s head peeking in from the top right corner to the centre of the canvas with its wings spread broadly across. I continued to rotate the canvas in order to search for new forms. Many times in my images, there are multiple creatures which co-exist to create larger forms. I ultimately spotted a character ready to emerge from the painting, a person with a large head and outstretched arms and open palms. As I was writing this it became obvious that this character was indeed Māui (an important Māori mythology demigod) who frequently turned into a kererū (a wood pigeon from New Zealand). My parents had lived in New Zealand for a few years and they brought back a number of illustrated books depicting New Zealand Mythology, which left a profound impact on me. 72×75 cm. Acrylic paint and oil paint on wood.
Revolutionary Man
Revolutionary Man – AVAILABLE €104.40 This work depicts a man boiling with passion and a dash of anger. His hand raised upwards in what I imagine to be a fist. His brain is active with calm hues contrasting and complimenting the rest of the body. Maybe he has a peaceful message, or possibly something which seems deeply righteous to him. His body is angular and sharp, contoured by sharp black lines. He has a bird for an eye which gives him the ability to discern what the problem is and stand up against it. 72×75 cm. Acrylic paint on wood.
Penguin Stomach
Penguin Stomach – AVAILABLE €104.40 The way I work is to approach a canvas without any predetermined ideas. I put many organic lines on, layering them as I rotate the canvas till a form catches my eye. This approach means that what I see is subconsciously authentic and honest to me and emerges in a very organic way. For some reason, what comes forth are most often animals. And the animal that appears most frequently is birds – or bird men. I am not sure why, however, this is a character – or characters – I have been drawing since I was a child. In this particular case, we see the birdman, a penguin, with a full stomach. The stomach is full of swirls and lines which have not been turned into a specific figurative object and remain abstract. The dense swirls and forms in the stomach of the bird can be regarded as a positive suggestion of potential, meaning we have this potential within us that is sometimes locked in. We need to create a balance between us and the outside so that our potential diffuses inwards and outwards – thus leading into a more balanced and ‘light’ life. Overall, I would see this painting as a reminder of how we can improve ourselves and shed ourselves of tangled things that make us feel bloated. 72×75 cm. Acrylic paint and oil paint and oil paint on wood.
Bird Impression
Bird Impression – AVAILABLE €122.10 Bird Impression is one of those rare paintings which emerge quickly and without pause. This is one of a handful of my works which seem to have a life of their own and birth themselves. I began and within a brief moment the bird emerged. There are broad, expressive brush strokes bursting out of a central point, giving weight and anchoring the bird who has a light, airy, peaceful expression. 66×97 cm. Acrylic paint on canvas.
Cock Fight
Cock Fight – AVAILABLE €221.40 This is a theme that has been on my mind for quite awhile and I was so happy to see it emerge in my work for the first time. I hope to revisit this theme over and over in the future. A fight between 2 cockerels is a violent and fantastic sight. They are so intensely locked into one another that it’s almost as though they fusing into each other. It’s as though they are two galaxies are colliding. 120×100 cm. Acrylic paint on canvas.
Carnivorous Foetus
Carnivorous Foetus – AVAILABLE €221.40 I was unsure what to call this painting. It reminded me of an Egyptian style headdress. A rather menacing look but not overly aggressive or violent. It seems as though it’s more of a warning. It’s minding its own business. It’s somewhat ghostly… it notices us and we notice is, but there isn’t much more interaction than that, as if it is a photograph in a dark spirit world. A world where wisps in constant motion take one form and then another. My mother gave me the title for this painting. I was struggling to find a title for it. One day my mother said she was always afraid of that painting it reminded her of some sort of carnivorous foetus. I like when people give me titles sometimes. 120×100 cm. Acrylic paint on canvas.
Man's First Encounter with Quetzalcoatl
Man’s First Encounter with Quetzalcoatl – AVAILABLE €221.40 Another painting I wished to paint for a number of years. A schizophrenic artist and great friend of mine (Luca Bloodezi) is very influenced by Aztec art with his painting. I have had a deep fascination for their culture and feel somewhat influenced by their art, I was very happy for Quetzalcoatl to appear in my painting, hence the title. 120×100 cm. Acrylic paint on canvas.
Movement – AVAILABLE €221.40 A gestural piece. I am always seeking chaotic motion in my work and I am constantly seeking new means to engage with it, explore it and to express it. It allows my work to change and evolve, unceasingly bringing in new and fresh elements. This particular work is different from all the others in that I explored chaos in my gestures. I limited the movement to my wrist and hand and focused exclusively on one color. The result is a trail of me exploring how to apply the paint in the sublime harmony of controlled chaos. 120×100 cm. Acrylic paint on canvas.
Roman Goblin
Roman Goblin – AVAILABLE €221.40 This is one of my first paintings from after I got back from Bristol. I had changed my approach in terms of canvas size and in terms of all my canvasses being the same size. I had just moved to a new place in Zebbug – a very large industrial garage. An amazing studio where I could be bold, expressive and broad with my work. To me this painting always looked like a warrior type of person about to jump into action. He is looking over his shoulder right before jumping head first into the moving swirls and vortices. He is enveloped in red, a strong color, and has a very intense stare with a wide open mouth – a war cry of sorts. 120×100 cm. Acrylic paint on canvas.
Ernst Haeckel Bat
Ernst Haeckel Bat – AVAILABLE €79.80 I fell in love with the work of Ernst Haeckel from my first introduction. I bought three of his art books just because I wanted every single image he ever made. I looked through the many books over and over to find which of his perfect images I would try and study by doing it myself. Many of which were very scary and daunting – as they are extremely dainty and delicately drawn. I decided on the bat which I find to be really fascinating creatures. It’s like they evolved one way, and then a piece of them evolved another way and then they found it super efficient to have vestigial eyes. They are covered in strange folds and are so cute. 56×76 cm. Acrylic paint, markers and ink on canvas.