My Temporary Studio

I am losing my mind: Finishing off the details of about 60 paintings.
This is my temporary studio is in my parents garage. It is not ideal, but it will have to do for now. I am about to move to France , in Poitiers (middle of nowhere). I used to visit my cousins and grandparents every summer there. I have not been there in many years, but I am very excited to go back and finally be able to focus on my artwork again. There is a large space there and I will be making a bajillion paintings and sculptures and clothes and films …

My previous approach was to work on many paintings at one go, however I realized that I would never really finish my paintings, I would instead get scared of finishing them and start a new one. NEVER AGAIN ! I will change my approach moving forward. As a result, I have become a slave in these past months, just finishing off all the 60 paintings details (which is a nightmare, trust me)… In Poitiers I will not start a new painting until I finish the previous one. I think I can do 1 painting every day / 2 days. We’ll see how it goes.

Never again!

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